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What should you do if your Newark home alarm system goes off?

July 03, 2023
Home security alarm notification on smartphone.

Your home security system safeguards your residence – and your family – against the various risks you may face, like break-ins, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks. Although your home might be ready, that doesn’t mean you are. Do you understand what to do if your Newark home alarm system goes off? The blasting of an alarm is likely to be jarring, confusing, and may cause panic. Your best option is to stay calm and adhere to these straightforward suggestions.

Actions to Take Whenever Your Home Alarm System In Newark Triggers

It’s a situation no resident wishes to encounter, but it’s also the reason why you put in a home alarm system originally. You’re roused from a deep sleep with the distinct blaring of an alarm after a home security component has been tripped. What should you do?

  1. Try not to panic. This is easy to say but harder to do when your home security alarm is blasting, and your pulse is beating rapidly. But keeping yourself calm is the best way to evaluate the situation. Avoid the temptation of trying to deal with the emergency on your own but instead let your monitoring professionals and first responders perform their job.
  2. Protect your family members. Your primary concern should be your loved ones and leading them to safety. If you are dealing with a break-in, this might include proceeding to a predetermined safe room as far from points of entry as possible. Chances are your alarm already frightened away the intruder, but it’s always smarter to be safe than sorry. If there’s smoke or flames, you ought to exit your home right away.
  3. Remember your cell phone. These days, almost all people take their cell phones at all times, but you might forget to take it during a crisis. Try to remember it. You’ll be able to stay connected with your monitoring professionals and receive notifications through your home security app.

Work With Your Round-the-clock Monitoring Team

Whenever your home alarm system in Newark goes off, your round-the-clock monitoring specialists will instantly act. The first move is to confirm your alarm, and that includes communicating with you. The procedure they follow depends on the sort of emergency. For example, when a medical emergency is initiated, one effort will be made to contact you before help is sent out. If you have a break-in - the most frequent sort of alarm - a monitoring specialist will abide by these guidelines to contact you:

  • An effort will be made to reach you through the central command panel. You will usually be required to supply a passcode.
  • If that attempt isn’t successful, a call is attempted to your primary contact number.
  • An alternate number or first emergency contact is tried next.
  • If there still isn’t an answer, local law enforcement officers are dispatched.
  • Your monitoring specialists will follow up with you again once emergency personnel are alerted.

If you're not able to communicate with monitoring agents, don't worry. Support will still be deployed even when you're unable to confirm the emergency.

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